Palmeras en la nieve / Палми в снега (2015)
7.4 IMDB Рейтинг 256 прегледа

Palmeras en la nieve / Палми в снега (2015)



Фернандо Молина


Mario Casas, Adriana Ugarte, Macarena Garcia, Daniel Grao,Celso Bugallo,Luis Callejo,Serge Happi,Michael Batista
Kilian is a young man who has never left the mountains of Huesca which saw him grow up. In 1953 he will travel to the exotic island of Fernando Poo to work in a cacao field alongside his father and his brother. During 20 years in this island he will undertake a journey towards maturity and knowledge, but will also have to deal with pain and loss.

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